June 2015

An heart whelming time in Rikuzentakata

Back in June I did visit Mrs.Oikawa and Mrs.Kano at Rikuzentakata. We did spend 2 days together and did enjoy a wonderful lunch with all Tohoku Grandmas from Rikuzentakata. I was touched to have all of them gathering from different parts, just to see me… ! After lunch Mrs.Oikawa and Mrs.Kano did take me for sight seeing around Rikuzentakata and I am impressed how beautiful this ares actually is! Sea and mountains next to each other –  in their full beauty and  richness! I will definitively come back again to see my friends!

The new Takata Senior High School

In May 2015 (just few weeks before my visit) the new Takata Senior Highschool did open their doors for children and teachers. The new school building is located much higher now and is overviewing the sea and forest. I was so happy to meet Mrs. Yamaguchi the home economics teacher again after so many years. I remember when everything did start. I met Mrs. Yamaguchi with the school director Mr.Kudo back in 2011, few months after the great earthquake. She is doing well and the Bernina machines which Bernina International did donate in 2011 and 2012 are frequently used by the students in the after school Fashion and sewing program.