June 2022

new BERNINA sewing machines B 700 for the grandmas!

The B 700 sewing machine in front of the Grandmas “Take-chan” and “Mi-chan” on the day of the handover. 
Our special thanks to Mr. Tomohiro Ide from Bernina Japan!
The Miracle Pine Tree in front of the ruins of a building near the ocean at Rikuzentakata.

Totebag made by the Grandmas in Rikuzentakata

We are very happy to report the recent donation from BERNINA Japan. 
Bernina Japan donated two B 700 sewing machines to the Grandmas in Rikuzentakata in June . 
The ongoing cooperation with the aged women for more than 10 years is a particularly important concern for Three Cranes Association. In an area like Rikuzentakata, where the aging of society is a serious phenomenon, it makes particular sense to integrate the elderly directly into the work.
We are enormously pleased about the great support from BERNINA Japan and thank Mr.Tomohiro Ide on behalf of the Tohoku Grandmas for his time and efforts in servicing and delivering the two B 700 BERNINA sewing machines!


March 2022

after 11 years, still going strong!

11 years have passed since the great earthquake in northern Japan.
We are very proud of the ongoing collaboration with the Grandmas in Rikuzentakata. With the sewing machines donated by Bernina International, new bags, pincushions, cosmetic pouches and mask cases are being made from traditional Japanese textiles. The women in Rikuzentakata report how much this collaboration means to them. The work gives them a daily structure, income and above all a life task.
We are looking forward to another 11 years of cooperation with the courageous and admirable women in Rikuzentakata!
The products of Three Cranes Association are available online.

Just arrived! New mask cases handmade by the grandmas of Rikuzentakata

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new TCA mask cases from Rikuzentakata. They are made of authentic Japanese cotton, printed with ancient family crest motifs. This product is made by grandmas with sewing machines provided by Bernina, Switzerland. This mask case is foldable and comes with 2 pockets suitable for 3d and disposable masks. The mask case can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

The mask cases are available on KAZU online store, please visit:


Hiroshima Salon at Schauspielhaus Zürich

Hiroshima Salon: Hiroshima Monstergirl 13.02.19 Schauspiel Hannover, Cumberland
photo credit: Lars Hermann

This Saturday, Kazu Huggler is participating at Hiroshima Salon at Schauspielhaus Zürich. During her solo performance, the actress Sachiko Hara is wearing a KAZU creation.

Date: Saturday, 8th February 2020
Time: 07:30 PM 
Place: Schauspielhaus Zürich

For more information, please visit:

TCA products at Tokyo Showroom

  • Pincushion and Kinchakupouches hand made by Take-chan and Mi-chan
Our seasonal showroom in Tokyo was a wonderful opportunity to present textile accessories hand made by the women at Rikuzentakata. We did gain lot of interest and many of the items did sell very well. Take-chan and Mi-chan came from Iwate prefecture to join our showroom in Tokyo, which was great fun!

5 years after 3.11 Kazu Huggler at TOMORROW Special on NHK World & NHK BS1


Five years have passed since the 3.11 disaster. Have people in the stricken areas in Iwate managed to regain their lives? How is the recovery progressing in the communities? The TOMORROW reporters who have been observing Iwate engage in an lively discussion!
Tune in to NHK BS1 on upcoming sunday!
TOMORROW Special “震災から5年~岩手編~”
午後2:00~2:48 (local time)
URL: http://www.nhk.or.jp/ashita/tomorrow/
TOMORROW Special “5 years after 3.11 Iwate Edition”
Friday, March 11, 23:10 (UTC time)
Saturday, March 12, 5:10/10:10/17:10 (UTC time)
URL: http://www.nhk.or.jp/japan311/5years/index.html

My latest visit in Rikuzentakata

In February I met the ladies in Rikuzentakata for our seasonal product-meeting. They are all doing very well focusing on our orders and their deliveries. It is always such a big pleasure and a huge motivation for me to see how positive their attitude is – although they still live in temporary housings and facing long-term difficulties. I believe that the key for a real rebuilding in the society is work. Let’s continue designing attractive products! Thank you, BERNINA for your continuous support.