July 2013

The Tohoku Grandmas are coming to Switzerland

In Summer 2013 I visited the Grandmas to prepare their trip to Switzerland. Their debuting product which I did design few month ago is ready to be presented in Zürich. I was very happy to see how enthusiastic and motivated the grandmas are. I had a chance to visit Mrs.Oikawa at her parents home, where she did start to cut her very fist Kimono for the first time after 3.11. It was a very special and personal moment for me to see her getting back to her profession of a Kimono tailor. Mrs.Kanno did show us her house which she and her husband did build one month ago. She said she was lucky to be the first of the grandmas to build her own house after tsunami, because they did own a property on the hill side of Rikuzentakata. See you again in Zürich!

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