June 2022

new BERNINA sewing machines B 700 for the grandmas!

The B 700 sewing machine in front of the Grandmas “Take-chan” and “Mi-chan” on the day of the handover. 
Our special thanks to Mr. Tomohiro Ide from Bernina Japan!
The Miracle Pine Tree in front of the ruins of a building near the ocean at Rikuzentakata.

Totebag made by the Grandmas in Rikuzentakata

We are very happy to report the recent donation from BERNINA Japan. 
Bernina Japan donated two B 700 sewing machines to the Grandmas in Rikuzentakata in June . 
The ongoing cooperation with the aged women for more than 10 years is a particularly important concern for Three Cranes Association. In an area like Rikuzentakata, where the aging of society is a serious phenomenon, it makes particular sense to integrate the elderly directly into the work.
We are enormously pleased about the great support from BERNINA Japan and thank Mr.Tomohiro Ide on behalf of the Tohoku Grandmas for his time and efforts in servicing and delivering the two B 700 BERNINA sewing machines!